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Builders Set Their Own Quality Standards

As custom home builders, our quality standards apply to every aspect of the houses we build, from the materials we use to our staff and trades who handle each step in the building process. Quality is a key component of our business model, insuring high customer satisfaction and very few problems that need attention once a project is completed.

Homeowners often judge the quality of a home based on what they see, the finishes from the ceiling treatments to the wall trim, cabinets, counter tops, floor coverings and so much more. In fact quality starts with excavation that protects native trees, to the structural components and every aspect of home construction. So let’s look at what we mean by quality.
Home Quality from Frame to Finish
You might believe the quality of a house is based on the finishes used, and that’s part of the quality equation but it’s much more. Much of the quality that goes into custom homes, ends up hidden behind the finished walls. Lets look at the many factors which influence the quality of a homes construction.
  • Structural stability from the framing down to the foundation, helps your home withstand severe weather.
  • Quality materials and flawless installation keep your home watertight, from the roof to the siding, down to the foundation.
  • Energy and water efficient home systems (plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning) that will keep you comfortable and healthy.
  • During the design process, we talk about product and material choices for durability, easy maintenance and more. It’s our job to explain issues with products.
  • Attention to detail is important at every step of the construction process. Check the joints where materials come together, behind the wall as well as the finished trim and walls.  Has the Moisture Barrier been installed correctly or even better has the roofing under layment been installed per the manufacturer?

Quality in Building Materials
The quality of a house is based on the quality of the individual parts, and how well they’re assembled. As homeowners, you make many decisions about the finishes used in your home. Finishes are the final layer of products and materials you see on your homes exterior and inside your house. There’s a wide range of quality choices and the challenge is prioritizing your favorites so you’re able to stay within your budget.
The factors to consider when picking the best products for your home are function, ease of maintenance, aesthetics and of course, cost. It’s also important to visualize how all your products will come together once installed and hiring an interior decorator to help with product selection can make the job easier.
We’ll review just a few products here to illustrate the complexity in picking your building materials.
  • Selecting your masonry finishes seems like a fairly easy decision but it’s not. Will you use one exterior material like stucco with an accent walls featuring a type of stone? Will you use real stone, cut stone, or cast stone?  Maybe you are a "cool stone" type of homeowner?  Maybe you like the dry stacked look?
  • Wood flooring remains the most popular type of flooring but it’s not as easy to maintain, and then you have competing green flooring materials like bamboo and cork. With wood flooring there are an unimaginable number of choices. There are exotic woods, traditional hardwoods and engineered wood flooring.  There is also the "wood looking" tile becoming increasingly popular.
  • Cabinets are one of the most difficult choices for homeowners. The obvious decisions are the style of the cabinets and type of wood. Quality starts with how your cabinets are built.  Quality covers not just the cabinet fronts but also the gliding "soft close" hardware, how the cabinets are assembled (dovetailed versus stapled), the materials used for constructing the box (plywood box versus particle board) and so much more.

Building Your Home Should Be a Great Experience
Picking the right home builder can be a daunting task. You want someone you’re comfortable talking to, someone willing to help you make the hundreds of decisions required to create your home the way you want it.

You want to work with a home builder like our company Diamante Custom Homes, that offers the best products and craftsmanship your budget can afford, at every step of the construction process. We hold you by the hand inside of the increasingly popular Design Build process.  We have the name recognition you know with the caring professionals every step of the way!  
Take time to learn what each prospective builder values when building their custom homes. How did they get into this business and does that resonate with you?  You want someone who shares your views on quality, to insure an effective partnership, as there will be lots of give and take on a day-by-day process.  

Give us a call to set up a worry free consultation, we are building near you now!!

We Make All The Difference


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Phone: (210) 341-6430 • Cell: (210) 324-2755


Diamante Custom Homes - Different By Design
Diamante Custom Homes was established in the Spring of 1992. Each Custom Home Builder has their own unique story of how they came to be. Diamante Custom Homes was born over 2 decades ago out of the inherent frustrations and miscommunications that plague the home building industry. As a company we wanted to hire the best of the best to ensure your custom home building experience is the best we know it can be. As a result we have structured the Design/Build process around our clients. We realize that today’s savvy home buyers have visions, dreams, and of course a budget.

We have become smarter about our design process over the last 2 decades constantly evolving. We know your vision and budget going in and make it a point to revisit the conversation in every design meeting. We pride ourselves on being skilled and up to date on today’s cutting edge technology, energy efficiency, and a streamlined methodology to designing & building the homes of your dreams. We are skilled at costing your project out through every step of the design process, some say it is an art, we like to call it “the way it should be! From your home’s architecture to interior design to purchasing to accounting to construction organization, your Design Build team at Diamante Custom Homes is ready to help with every facet of this unique experience!

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