Diamante Custom Homes: Get Your Dream Home with the Right Choices: The Selection Process
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Get Your Dream Home with the Right Choices: The Selection Process 

Making selections is a critical part of the construction process for custom, semi-custom, or remodeled homes.  With spec homes, builders often allow you to make certain choices before construction is complete.  This part of the building process gives you the opportunity to customize your dream home to suit your individual tastes and needs. 

But the selection process can be stressful because of the overwhelming number of choices, budgetary constraints, and deadlines.  
Selections you may be making
  • Exterior finishes:  brick, stone, siding, roofing, doors, windows, exterior trim, decking, colors, gutters, concrete surfaces, landscaping
  • Floor coverings
  • Interior colors and stains
  • Kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, countertops
  • Heating and air conditioning alternatives (HVAC)
  • Light and plumbing fixtures
  • Home electronics, such as entertainment, security, audio/visual
  • Interior doors
  • Hardware (doorknobs, cabinet pulls, electrical plates)
  • Fireplace unit and fireplace surroundings 
Tips for making good choices
  • Start with a vision.  Go online, look in magazines, drive through neighborhoods, walk into open houses and take pictures to help you develop a vision of what you want.  Pay attention to detail—colors, styles, appliance brands, door/cabinet hardware, etc. Compile all the websites, magazine pictures, and photos to share with your builder.  Bring them to the showrooms when you are ready to make your selections. Do this before your builder gives you a final quote, so estimates and selection allowances will make the estimate close to the actual costs.  Have fun.
  • Sketch in the furniture arrangement on a copy of your floor plan. Visualizing how the room will look is a big help in making the best selections.
  • If you don’t feel up to the task, ask an interior designer to make your selections for you. A designer’s expertise will also help you properly match colors and styles across rooms and with other choices.  Some builders offer the services of a designer at no charge.
  • Appointments are often required for making selections in showrooms. The builder will often send a representative with you. Do your research before you arrive, and know what options are available at a particular cost point. This is when your pictures come in handy.  Bring them to the appointment.  Know what you want when you arrive, and prepare a list of questions before the appointment.  
  • Showrooms and distributors use their own model numbers, so when you are researching appliances online, document the appliance specifications and bring a picture for comparison at the showroom.
  • Know and understand adjacent or coordinating colors and styles so you won’t make selections that clash with the surroundings. Keep samples or colors of all the choices you make.  Bring them with you when you make subsequent selections.
  • Be sure that all selections are documented correctly. Do not rely on numbers alone (remember that showrooms and distributors use their own model numbers). Ask the coordinator for a written description of your selection including color, manufacturer, and style or pattern.  Request samples when appropriate.  Keep a copy of all selections for your records—and you might even consider taking a picture of your selections for your records.
  • If you get stuck and can’t make a decision, ask your builder or designer for help.  An experienced, qualified builder sees a lot of homes and designs and oversees a lot of selections. You may be surprised at the perspective on styles and colors that he or she brings to the table.
  • If you encounter budgetary constraints or have problems making a decision, prioritize your selections so you focus on items that are not easily changed.  For instance, you can always repaint a wall or replace cabinet hardware, but swapping countertops is a big undertaking.
  • Some builders provide online software that allows home buyers to view, select, approve, and manage the financial impact of all their selections. This software also lets homeowners know when selections need to be made as they view the overall status of the project.

Building or remodeling a home is supposed to be fun. Follow these guidelines for an enjoyable experience that stays on budget and ensures that you are happy with the results and that your builder stays on schedule.

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